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We’ve been in the software business for over a decade, but we don’t know servers or hardware. We came to TCA a few years ago as we planned to launch a web hosting company and cloud-based credit repair software. We needed a company we could trust, to advise us on the cloud servers we’d need, to set them all up, to make them secure, and to manage, monitor and backup all of these servers on a daily basis. Finding a great system administrator is difficult. They’re a rare breed. TCA is awesome. I trust them with all of our servers, I follow their expert advice and I communicate with them on a daily basis. This is a marriage. Millions of people log into our system, so it must be highly-secure, robust and deliver fast, great service 24/7. Thanks to TCA, it does. We now have a hugely successful cloud app with 99.99% uptime and it’s all managed by the amazing team that I trust at TCA. I cannot give a higher recommendation.

– Daniel Rosen, Founder, Credit-Aid Software

TCA is to my business what my business strives to be to my customers – an indispensable technical resource that cares. While I have operated servers and hosting for my clients for over 15 years, I can’t know everything – TCA is my “brain backup”, ready to fill the gaps in my knowledge. They’re the ones I can trust and count on to help with any sticky server situation. I sleep better at night knowing I have TCA covering my back when needed. Thank you for the amazing service, I have recommended you to many and hope you stay in business at least as long as I do – I don’t know what I’d do without you!”

– Erik Knepfler, HaveAByte.com

Happyshack Media has been using TCA Server Solutions for a few years now. They always respond very quickly to my questions, fix the problem correctly the first time, and for a great price.

They always do a great job and we will continue to use them for all our server needs and would recommend them to anyone looking for a complete server support solution.

– Scott Perry, Owner, HappyShack Media

It seems like night or day, someone is always there and all my issues are resolved immediately. And the price is embarrassingly low. You guys are amazing!

– Bill Weil, CEO, WebBurgh

When everything I know and everyone I ask for help fails, I go to ThecPanelAdmin to fix the un-fixable. I feel safe as a sysadmin having thecPanelAdmin(s) on my side, this way I know I can’t be stopped.

I have used their services many times and have been 101% satisfied every time. I get my problem fixed plus gain extra knowledge on the topic.

– Mohannad Otaibi, 6 Degrees Technologies

I have nothing but good words and compliments for TCA. Excellent services and response time, every single time we’ve used their services they were very helpful and quick to expedite solving our issues with our servers. I can recommend their services without any hesitation.

– David Gorn, Activa Designs

Our Company has been on the Internet for over 15 years now. We recently broke up some of our website to individualize areas that we were specializing in and also to have a completely secure website. We made it point that we wanted a Company in the US that we could talk to on an individual basis and have no problem getting the job done. We found a Company we thought was located in the United States and once we hired them found that they were overseas. Due to this they misunderstood what the project was so the job did not get completed properly which cost us time and money.  We then made a special effort to research better and found a Company in the US that we felt we could trust.  Once we contacted them and informed them of the project it was completed quickly and in a fashion that got us back on our feet and up and running.

TCA Server Solutions is on our list to contact if we ever run across issues again.

– Gary Douglas, International Fun Shop

TCA Server Solutions has been so helpful over the years. Anytime we need a company with an expansive area of server expertise we go to them for a fast and thorough solution.

– Charles Yarbrough, WebHost.pro